Easter 2021 – Fabric hen

I wanted to make some decorations to celebrate Easter and spring. Now that the sun is shining and I can let all windows open and see red mason bees coming and going in my teeny tiny garden, I feel full of energy !

Last year, I had tested to make a fabric hen, because it look easy to make and fun.

I even made some miniature ones for my miniature doll craft studio.

As it’s quick and simple to make, I decided to sew 10 of them with soft and happy colors.

I first cut fabric rectangles whith a lenght twice as long as the width (ex : 5cm x 10cm, 7cm x 14cm …) So you can easily make smaller or bigger versions.

I also used scraps of orange felt for the comb and yellow craft foam for the beak and the feet.

I placed a beak and a comb on the top right side of a fabric rectangle and folded the fabric on itself to form a square. I secured the fabric, the felt and the foam with clips and sewed the top and right sides of the square.

Then I turned it outside in to fill the hen with stuffing.

I also folded the remaining raw edges inside and clipped the feet in place. I didn’t wanted to take the time to handsew the opening with ladder stitches. I used my machine with a zipper foot to easily sew on the edge of the fabric. As the zipper foot is narrow and the foam was a bit bulky, I had to help the fabric to move forward for the first few stitches.

I started the whole process again for all my the other Easter hens.

I also made them eyes : googly eyes, buttons, beads or embroidered.

Now I have a whole hen family who will look at me eating chocolate next Sunday !

Thank you for coming in the B&r studio today!

See you soon,