Easter 2021 – Table mat

After makink Eastern hens, I had the urge to make another Easter craft, something quick and easy again with the same fabrics. So why not sewing a quilted table mat ? I made a test with my special trial and error fabric aka an old bed sheet.

I started with cutting 4 fabric squares (16cm x 16cm, the size of my square quilting ruler) that I cutted in slices all at once.

Then  I made a few pattern tests, and as I generallly fin dit difficult to make this kind of choices, I decided to choose the first version.

I could have sewn the slices in squares and then assemble the squares, but I wanted to make it a no brainer.

So I just sewed the fabric triangles one after another, pressing the seams on the go.

After sewing the last slice to the first slice, I gave my small quilt top a good press again.

I cut a circle in yellow fabric, interfaced it and put it in the middle of the table top. I was ready to assemble the patchwork with the batting and dotted pink and white fabric for the bottom.

I started to quilt by sewing the appliqué disc and used a narrow zig zag stitche to make a nice white circle (4 for bright and 0,5 for lenght on my Janome Atelier 5).

Then I made a spiral pattern in the middle. I draw the beginning of it on the fabric and then relied on the edge of my sewing machine foot as a guide to make a more or less even spiral …

After quilting the center, I just made straight stitch lines to underline the triangle pieces of fabric, which was simple and easy !

With my quilting rulers and my rotary cutter, I squared my table mat.

I then used pink gingham bias that I had on hand to finish my project !

As my sewing machine desperately needs to be serviced, the result is a bit wonky and missing stitches. But I don’t really care ! I will enjoy seing  my table mat decorating my kitchen on Easter day !

Thank you for coming in the B&r studio today!

See you soon,